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When I first created a site about William Halse Rivers Rivers as Rivers, The Forgotten Healer, he was still a largely forgotten figure, only recently re-discovered due to Pat Barker’s trilogy of ‘Regeneration’ novels, set during the Great War. Lately, however, more and more people are finally becoming aware of his work, not only in Psychology but also in Ethnography, Anthropology and Neurology. Information about the doctor is finally springing up all over the internet

In light of this, some may argue that this site is surplus to requirements. In addition it is woefully inadequate; as Sir Henry Head wrote in his ‘Appreciation’ *, ” No mere recital of the events of his life, the posts he held…is capable of doing justice” to such a person.

However, whilst that may be true and this site not as skillfully written or its research resources as well funded as some, I have tried to ensure that the information presented is accurate. It is my tribute to a man to whom I owe a great deal; a man who repeatedly dedicated his life to improving the lot of others despite the problems in his own.

F J Robinson

*Head H. , June 1922 , the British Medical Journal

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Pamela Haycock

    I have just finished ‘The Ghost Road’. A moving book about a terrible conflict, brave men and an intriguing, spiritual man’

    1. hindsightpictures Post author

      The Ghost Road was the first of the Regeneration trilogy I read – it sparked off my knowledge about Rivers. He, (and the soldiers he treated were all) was remarkable – and, indeed, intriguing


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