To A Very Wise Man

Rivers, The Forgotten Healer - a Miscellany

It is perhaps in other people’s writings that we encounter the true Rivers ‘the man’ as opposed to ‘the scientist’, where his modesty does not prevent anything other than his professional character to shine through. The words of Frederick Bartlett, the reports by Arthur Hocart recounting the time they spent researching the lives of Solomons Islands natives, the descriptions of Rivers time at Craiglockhart by both Sassoon and Barker are just a few examples.

To a Very Wise Man

FIRES in the dark you build; tall quivering flames
In the huge midnight forest of the unknown.
Your soul is full of cities with dead names,
And blind-faced, earth-bound gods of bronze and stone
Whose priests and kings and lust-begotten lords         5
Watch the procession of their thundering hosts,
Or guard relentless fanes with flickering swords
And wizardry of ghosts.
In a strange house I woke; heard overhead
Hastily-thudding feet…

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